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My name is Reinier Jude Realubit (R.J.), and I commit to serving others and supporting the underdogs. I was born and raised on the island of Oahu to two hard working Filipino immigrant parents who taught my younger sister and I the importance of family. While growing up, my parents each picked up multiple jobs along the way, at times both working three jobs each to open the opportunities for my sister and I. Whether it was piano lessons or equipment for sports or private school education, they helped pave the path for us to be where we are today. This is where I’ve learned the importance of a servant’s heart; not only putting others' needs ahead of our own but also with the right intentions. 


In 2017, I graduated from Seattle University with a Finance degree with the vision of helping people achieve their life goals as a Financial Advisor, from retiring early to purchasing their first home. I moved back home to pursue this vision and worked in the Financial Services industry, specifically Comprehensive Financial Planning for three years. Within those three years I’ve helped maintain 450+ existing client relationships, assisted in $1M+ positive inflows of outside account transfers each year, and found opportunities to replace internal and external insurance policies generating $5.6M in New Insurance Business in 2019. 

Commercial Property Manager and Agent

Email:  |  Cell: 808-230-7544  |  Connect with RJ on: Linked In

In the summer of 2020, I made the decision to move back to Seattle where I am now bringing my passion of serving others and supporting the underdogs with Anchor Agency. I am excited for the opportunity to be a part of your journey whether you are a first time home buyer, a family looking to find a bigger home, an investor looking to expand your portfolio, a small business expanding to your next location; whatever the milestone, I am here to support you in any capacity that I can. 


Fun fact about me is that I enjoy capturing moments and places through photography. I especially love traveling to different countries and experiencing their culture. Check out my photography portfolio here: 


I am excited to help create opportunities for the underserved and make an impact in our community! 


“What I love most about Anchor Agency is that we are one big family that looks out for each other and the community. As a family, we have great times and hard times, but the alignment between Anchor and our own individual missions and values, is what keeps us grounded and focused on continuing to make a positive impact with everyone we meet.”

- RJ

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