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These are common questions that we receive from current and potential clients relating to the following areas of our business:  Property Management, Home Sales and Purchase, Consultation.

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What services does a professional Property Manager offer?

Anchor offers a full service real estate property management experience for our clients. 

Services include Tenant Management and Communication, Bookkeeping Services, Vendor Management, Maintenance and Repair Management, Tenant Screening and Leasing, Real Estate Property Asset Management and Consultation.


What types of properties does Anchor Agency Manage?

Anchor Manages both Residential and Commercial.  Residential Properties includes Multifamily (Apartments), Single Home Portfolios, and Townhome Communities.  Commercial Properties include Mixed-Use Buildings, Retail Plazas, Commercial Condos, Industrial Buildings, and Smaller Office/Professional Buildings.


Which areas does Anchor Agency manage properties in?

Anchor mainly focuses on managing and leasing properties located in King County, and will occasionally service properties in Pierce and Snohomish Counties.  


What are approximate costs for Property Management services?

Anchor's management and leasing fees will vary based on property type and clients' needs.  We are market rate for all property types.  

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When should I consider hiring a property management company?

Anchor strongly recommends any owner to consider hiring a professional property management company to help take the stress off of you when dealing with the following tasks:  Finding a new tenant, managing a current tenant, acquiring a new investment property, dealing with maintenance issues and repairs, and improving the value of your current investment.  In the end, it is always worth hiring a professional to take care of your valued Asset to allow you more peace of mind to enjoy your life.


Who is responsible for finding a tenant to lease my home?

Anchor is always available to help you procure a new qualified tenant to lease out your property, or manage your current tenants with updated fair market value for rent as well as leasing requirements.  We will be responsible for marketing, tours, screening, and lease agreement execution.


What is the difference between Property Management and Asset Management?

Property Management relates to the day to day management of the property's operations.  This includes rent collections, tenant communications, and maintenance and repairs.  

Asset Management relates to the larger scale decisions and evaluations to improve and prolong a property's assessed value, including achieving optimal income, expense management, and preventative maintenance.


How much involvement do I need to have after hiring a Property Manager?

Anchor works closely with each or our clients and try to work in parameters we set forth prior to any major decision.  We consider ourselves your operating partner, as the client always has the final say, as we usually offer our recommendations to put your best interest at focus.  

On other occasions, other clients are completely hands free and does not need to be involved in the day to day decisions.


How long does it take to hire a Property Manager?

Anchor aims to start management within 30 days after the initial consultation, which includes property inspection and rental analysis, management agreement execution, new client onboarding, and marketing and leasing process.  We work on your time and urgency as necessary.


Why is it a good idea for Anchor Agency to manage my property(ies)?

We hope you will consider to hire Anchor as your property management partner, and a Liason between landlord and tenant, mainly for the sake of a having peace of mind that we are invested to your property's success, expertise and transparency and communication to help your property perform at its best.

Happy Tenants = Happy Landlords

*If you have questions that are more specific or are not on this list, please contact us below to submit your

question for a quick response.  Each situation is unique and may require more insight and discovery.

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