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"Exploring the Benefits of Seattle's New Light Rail Line 2: What You Need to Know"

May 3rd,2024

In a significant expansion of Seattle's public transit network, Sound Transit has proudly inaugurated the first phase of the East Link Extension, introducing the Light Rail Line 2 to Bellevue and Redmond. This new line marks a significant milestone in the region's transportation development, enhancing connectivity across some of the Eastside's vital urban centers.

Linking Communities and Boosting Connectivity

The initial 10.6 km central section of Line 2, spanning from South Bellevue to Redmond Technology, includes a strategic 500m tunnel between East Main and Bellevue Downtown stations. Starting today, services will operate at 10-minute intervals, catering to daily commuters from 5:30 AM to 9:30 PM. The route features eight new and modern stations that link major employment hubs, residential neighborhoods, and cultural destinations.

Sound Transit Board member and King County Councilmember Claudia Balducci highlighted this project's community and developmental impacts: "The opening of the 2 Line on the Eastside took vision, creativity, and tireless work of many individuals to deliver on our promises. This 6.5-mile, 8-station starter line connects some of the region's largest employers and vibrant neighborhoods, setting the stage for continued transformation and connecting people to opportunities now and in the future."

Future Phases and Continued Expansion

Looking ahead, Sound Transit plans to extend Line 2 service further. A two-station, 5.5 km extension from Redmond Technology to Downtown Redmond is slated for completion in spring 2025, bringing the total line length to 16.1 km. Additionally, the 6.4 km western section from International District/Chinatown through Judkins Park and Mercer Island to South Bellevue is also expected to open in 2025.

Celebratory Launch Events

The launch was marked by a ribbon-cutting ceremony at the Bellevue Downtown Station and featured diverse activities, exhibits, and entertainment across all eight stations. Attendees participating in the Discover.Stamp.Win activity had the opportunity to visit all stations and enter a prize drawing, celebrating the community's involvement and excitement around this transformative project.

A Historic Day for Seattle's Eastside

King County executive and Sound Transit board chair Mr. Dow Constantine reflected on the day's importance: "This is a historic occasion for our region and the hundreds of thousands of Eastside residents who will now have access to efficient, safe, and quick public transportation options, avoiding the hassles of traffic and parking."

Anchor Agency remains committed to informing you on this and other developments impacting our community and enhancing our daily lives.

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