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Eastside to Welcome "Kohaku," Renowned Japanese Restaurant's First US Location

 Bellevue is set to become home to the first U.S. location of "Kohaku," a celebrated Japanese restaurant chain known for its exquisite tempura dishes. Named after the Japanese word for amber, Kohaku reflects the beauty and allure of amber gems with its culinary offerings, where fresh ingredients are dipped in golden batter and fried to an amber perfection.

A Culinary Gem Arrives

Slated to open at 233 106th Avenue Northeast, according to city permits, Kohaku Tendon is a collaboration between two major Japanese food corporations—Nadai Fujisoba, Japan's largest soba chain, and Kings Know Group, which operates a diverse portfolio of restaurant brands in Japan, including tendons, pizzerias, pasta cafes, and izakayas. The Bellevue location will introduce the Pacific Northwest to a beloved staple of Japanese cuisine that has captivated food lovers in Tokyo, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Canada.

Global Aspirations and Local Flavors

Kohaku's journey began with an eye towards international expansion, starting with its first overseas branch in Singapore—a strategic choice given the country's multicultural environment. This allowed Kohaku to gather crucial data on international dining preferences, aiding in the adaptation and refinement of its offerings to suit a global audience. This wealth of insights is expected to enrich the Bellevue dining scene, promising a menu that respects traditional methods while embracing local tastes.

Promoting Japanese Tendon Culture

Tendon, a hearty bowl of rice topped with beautifully fried tempura, appeals to a broad range of diners and has been particularly popular among various generations in Japan. The dish's burgeoning international popularity highlights a gap in the market that Kohaku aims to fill, promising to elevate the tendon dining experience in the U.S. and foster a deeper appreciation for Japanese culinary traditions.

A Warm Reception

Anticipation is high among local food enthusiasts familiar with Kohaku from its branch in nearby British Columbia. The Bellevue community is eagerly awaiting the chance to experience Kohaku's authentic Japanese cuisine, renowned for its commitment to quality and innovation.

Stay Tuned

As Kohaku prepares for its grand opening in Bellevue, Anchor Agency will continue to provide updates on this exciting development. This new addition to Bellevue's culinary landscape underscores the city's growing appeal as a destination for international cuisine, offering locals and visitors alike a taste of Japan's rich culinary heritage right in the heart of the Pacific Northwest.

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