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My name is Linh Lao and I commit to supporting you and helping others around you. I was born and raised in Vancouver, WA by two incredible hard working  immigrant parents. My mom and dad came over during the Vietnam War wanting a better life and wanted a fresh start for our family. My dad was in the union for construction, while my mom was a stay home mom raising my 4 siblings and I. At a young age I realized the value of a dollar, we all worked whenever we could.


As I graduated high school, I went onto Washington State University and got my bachelors degree in Economics Science. I worked my way through college at small businesses with serving and bartending. At this point in my life, I found a passion for the hospitality industry. I continued my passion for serving people by going into management at a restaurant for 2+ years. When the pandemic hit, it was hard in the restaurant industry. We were faced with many challenges and many struggles. During this time I was ready for a change for myself and wanted to help others on a bigger scale. 

It’s currently been a year since I’ve decided to change my career into real estate, since then I’ve learned a lot about the industry and am still learning everyday! My goal is to help you find a home where you can make memories that will last a lifetime. I want to create lifelong relationships with the people I interact with. You need generosity, warmth, and care throughout the process.


Fun fact about me is I love dogs! I recently got a fluffy black and white Yorkie Terrier! In my spare time I like to take him out to the park and go swimming. 


I am excited for this next chapter in your life and how our team at Anchor Agency will help support you in any way that you need. 

What I love most about Anchor Agency is how we see the good in people in every situation. No matter what the situation is, behind it is someone that has a story to tell. Everyday we are impacted by others and learn from one another.

- Linh

Email:  |  Cell: 360-609-1694  |  Connect with Linh on: Linked In

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