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My name is Kana Saito and I commit to helping others fulfill their dreams. I was born in Kirkland and raised in Bellevue to two hard working immigrant parents, my mom from Taiwan and my father from Japan. I grew up working at the family restaurants and learned early on that it takes a village to run a business and a lot of hard work. 


My mom was the first person to introduce me to the world of real estate and as a child I would spend my weekends in the back of her car going to and from open houses and home sites. I fell in love with the home building process and when I turned 19, I got my real estate license. At the start of my career, I thought I would only be representing home buyers and sellers, but quickly realized that real estate wasn’t just about buying and selling homes. Real estate is about people. It’s not about selling; it is always putting your client’s best interest first and listening to what their needs, wants, and dreams are. I learned that we as agents are an integral part of the success of our cities and communities. I have had the honor to represent first time home buyers, retirees, international clients, and business owners. Every client has a story and I am impassioned to listen, execute, and deliver on their dreams. 

Fun fact about me is that I grew up dancing. I had the privilege of teaching dance for a few years and am a huge advocate of arts education. Performing and the arts were my first love and I believe everyone deserves a chance to experience that. 


I am excited for the journey ahead with my fellow colleagues at Anchor. Together we will serve and inspire others that no dream is too small. 


What I love most about Anchor Agency is that every day is different, there's no day that's the same. I have been given opporutnities to learn and try new things I never thought were within my capabilities. I am grateful for the continued encouragement and support from my colleagues and leaders.

- Kana

Email:  |  Cell: 425-351-3188  |  Connect with Kana: Linked In

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