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My name is Eric Nguyen and I am driven to be a positive influence in improving our communities for the current and future generations. 

My parents are first generation immigrants who escaped war-torn Vietnam looking for better opportunities.  With language barriers and plenty of unknowns, they worked hard through struggling times with ultimate goals for providing my sister and I a world of opportunity.  I've witnessed the support they've received from family, friends and their close communities around them all come together to support each other so they all succeed – the true meaning of " team work makes the dream work".  Additionally, I am thankful for my parents continued push to keep the Vietnamese language as the main language in the household which has led me to be fully bilingual, an attribute I'm truly proud of.  I am fortunate for my parents' strength, struggles and successes as they've really been the building blocks to my life.  I want to take my skills and experiences and help other families and individuals facing the same or similar challenges my parents faced, and help them achieve their dreams.  Being a helping, compassionate, and trusted advocate for the community around me is part of my passion. 


Anchor Agency is all about this and more. I feel at home here with the team and support, but also have been motivated to always continue doing more – not just for myself but for my community as well. 


Beyond being the support to many around me, I'm strengthened with love and support from my wife, Linh and our two Shihtzus that we absolutely adore.  We enjoy traveling, exploring Seattle's ethnic food scenery, and spending time with our loved ones. 


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Email:  |  Cell: 206-775-4809  

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