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Hello, my name is Bayley Le and I commit to serving you in any capacity, so you can continue to serve others.  I was born in Wichita, KS to two courageous, dedicated, and determined Vietnamese parents, who taught our family of 7 children the value of kindness, togetherness, and humility in servitude.  I spent most of my childhood growing up in Honolulu, Hawaii while my father fished to help support our growing family.  We sold fish door to door as kids, riding along and doing our homework in the backseat, learning valuable lessons such as commitment to work, customer sales and service, handling rejection, and escaping from guard dogs.  Eventually, my father got sick and couldn’t fish as much anymore, so we relocated to Seattle for more opportunities.

Bayley Le

I graduated from the University of Washington in Business Management and Marketing while working my way through college by way of apartment property management since 2005.  I have been blessed with opportunities to experience all areas of real estate throughout my career, primarily managing the assets of a diverse portfolio including over 2,500 multifamily units, 300 single family homes, commercial buildings, plazas, and mixed-use properties.  


From humble beginnings and through many trying experiences, I was fortunate to meet the right people and embark in a dream of starting Anchor Agency.  My passion is in the power of People.  In Service, Support, and Standing for People.  Fun Fact about me is that aside from Real Estate, I have also managed a motel, a liquor store, and am currently in the restaurant industry, with a few concepts built around the core values of service and gratitude for others.


I am excited for the opportunity to share in your journey of fulfilling your dreams and passions, and the possibilities we get to pursue.

What I love most about Anchor Agency is the ability to create a space where we support incredible individuals who are fulfilling their passions of helping others in any capacity.  Additionally, being grateful for the opportunity to meet amazing clients and professionals who are on the same path of making the world a better, loving place to be.

- Bayley Le, Anchor Agency CEO


Email:  |  Cell: 206-992-8682  |  Connect with Bayley on: Linked In

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