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My name is Kobe Vongsady and I commit to being there for you every step along the way. I understand that earning your trust is gained by providing exceptional service and building a strong relationship based on transparency, honesty, and professionalism. I was raised in South Seattle, the most diverse neighborhood in Washington. Living in a diverse community taught me a wide range of experiences, backgrounds, and perspectives. This exposure allowed me to broaden my outlook and helped me understand the many different starting points we face in life. I was raised by two incredibly hard working immigrant parents from the small country of Laos, who came to America fleeing a war torn country to seek a better future. This led me to learn at a young age to be grateful for everything and every opportunity.  


Throughout my life, I have had a competitive drive and a desire to excel in everything I do. Growing up as a first generation child, I realized that I may face challenges that put me at a disadvantage. However, I never let this discourage me and instead used it as motivation to constantly seek out opportunities for growth. As we embark on your  journey in real estate, I am eager to support and motivate others in achieving their goals. Whether your focus is on residential, commercial, or investment real estate. I am confident that with my drive, passion, and dedication that I can help you achieve your real estate goals and earn your trust as a valuable partner. Let's work together to make your real estate dreams a reality.


I am excited for the opportunity to be able to support you throughout such a momentous journey in your life and support you in every way possible. 


Fun fact about me is that I was a part of a Lao cultural program called Kinnaly. Here I was able to learn how to play Lao instrumentals and learn about my culture. I was also able to take a trip to Laos where I was able to connect with the roots of my culture. Checkout their website to learn more! 


What I love most about Anchor Agency is the variety of values everyone has to offer. I am grateful to work alongside such knowledgeable and caring individuals. Every single day I am able to learn something new from my colleagues.


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