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My name is Angelina Perez-Barnum and I am committed to being present with my work in order to help, care for, and

support others.


My household growing up was of mixed religions, race, and generations. This was my foundation that challenged me to try and understand how to find harmony and togetherness in differences. As a child I didn’t grasp the effect this would have on me; and as my environments changed over time, I began to open my mind to many perspectives, influences, and infinite possibilities.


I am blessed to cross paths with people who have inspired me; simply from them sharing their own understanding about their lived experiences. I am grateful to have adapted and gained what others have taught me. Rather than my younger pursuit of  finding a dream job, I now want to give back that energy and wisdom in return no matter where I am in life. 


I enjoy listening to music, reading, playing video games with my family, food & travel with friends, and being in nature; especially near water.


What I love most about Anchor Agency is the foundation of helping others. You are supported by your leaders and colleagues to grow more into your own values: with the common mission to create a personal and positive impact no matter where you go.

- Angelina

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